Hunter Rules / FAQ

Thank you all so much for participating in this hunt!  The store owners have worked really hard to give you all some great quality gifts. 

Here are a few rules and FAQ's to keep things running smoothly...

1. Lag- This is going to be laggy, sometimes due to SL, sometimes due to the people on the sim. Please be patient when you land at each store and give it a minute to rez. Remember to consider wearing only the basics as you hunt so you don't lag yourself or others.

2. Hints- All hints are optional and may be posted in the hunt sign at each store or on the blog here. They are not required though as this is supposed to be a little challenging!

3. Gifts- When you find the gift remember to buy it for 0L and look in the folder now in your inventory for the landmark to the next location. If you happen to start in the middle, all gifts have a landmark to the hunt start as well.

4. Stores- This hunt is not only for the awesome free gifts; we want you to take a little time and look at what each store has to offer. You are not obligated to buy anything of course, but the stores work hard for you and their reward is simply that you look at their products.

5. Clean Up- If you happen to unpack your hunt items along the way, make sure you clean up after yourself!

6. Respect- Be polite to all hunters, customers, and store staff while hunting. Good manners will ensure you get help when you need it. Remember not to announce gift locations in group chat or local. We all know accidents happen, but if you appear to be trying to spoil the fun, you will no longer be allowed to continue the hunt.

7. Issues- If you come across any issues along the way (ie: missing gifts/objects/landmarks, incorrect store locations, etc.) please send a notecard to Juliet Moonshadow or Alexia Gaelyth. We will handle it asap.

If you need anything else during the course of the hunt, please feel free to use the group chat in world or message one of us directly. We are here to help and are happy to sort out any issues you have. However, we wont acknowledge bitching, complaining, whining, yelling, whining... you get the drift. 
Thanks again and have fun!