Store List and Hints - February 2016

If you get totally stuck and need to move on, here's the list!
Please also remember that hints and photos are NOT mandatory for the stores in our hunt. If you get stuck, feel free to help each other in group chat- without giving out exact locations. And please do not complain or bother stores for hunts. They worked hard to bring you amazing gifts, so let's all have fun!

1. Star*Crossed Weddings
Hint: Only love grows in the heart. 

2. LaPointe & Bastchild

AND a bonus from L&B's awesome owner Bastchild Lotus:
"To both celebrate Valentine's Day & the Tie the Knot HUNT, we have created a new line of flowers.
ANABELLA is an updated style that features Callas and Roses. 
The first color set is Cupid (Mauve Pink w/ Burgundy).
The Candle Centerpiece is FREE in the HUNT.  The matching items are all half price until the March 15th.  (Bouquets, Bouts, Flower Girl basket, Corsage, Cake, and Candelabra)"

3. Picturesque Studios Photography
Hint: "Let's Look at the Photo Albums"

4. Ms. B. Designs

5. Timeless Weddings

6. Tori's Stylez

7. Weddings by Nienna Wood

8. Paramour Studios *2 ring boxes with 2 prizes!
Hint: Gift #1 - Where the flames falter.   Gift #2 - Look low.

Gift #1: Free portrait session for 1-2 avatars
Gift #2: photo frame

9. Ciao Bella's Restaurant
Hint: What a view.

10. Pink and Zain's Wedding Store

11. Dreamscape Wedding Design
Hint: Dont let your love stop growing

12. Season of Wonders *It's not in the ring box- we are working on it!
Hint:The most pleasant surprise we hid under the table

13. Misty Rose Designs
Hint: Where you would say I DO

14. X-CLUSIVES Animations

15. Shoot the Moon **NEW LM
Hint:Slow and steady wins the race.

16. Stargazing Honeymoon & Retreats
Hint: Take a look at that view!

17. Chapel of Dreams

18. Something New
Hint: Best antics are in the bedroom. 

19. Rosengarten


22. TRS Designs

23. House of Huntress
Hint: Take a load off, have a seat!

24. Stitches' Creations

25. Star*Crossed Studios
Hint: Clap on, clap off

26. Something Pretty
Hint: A bride is a bounty of beauty and grace

27. Celestina's Weddings * Three ring boxes with three prizes!


29. Vino at La Piazza d'Amore
Hint: Book a romantic dinner for you and your sweetheart. 

30. Star*Crossed Weddings
Hint: Your love sets my heart on fire. 

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